What makes sustainability?

This is the question around which we all must dance in order to survive. What are the components that will take us to a future that our children will be proud and delighted to live in? We don't have all the answers to all the questions but we are willing to find out what works. What will bring harmony and abundance back to our lives and to the earth?

off grid

We are off grid. You can be off grid anywhere...unless it is illegal. We are off grid because we want to be and because we have no choice. We have found that the more independent we are in terms of costs of living, the more freedom we have to decide how we would like to live and how we can make a positive difference in the world. We are not a burden on society when we can produce our own power and food. The more people who are sustainable, the stronger our nation and our world will be.

food production

We are growing food... not enough to feed us all the time.. but we are learning. We are realizing that simplicity is also an important piece in achieving sustainability. Grow whatgrows in your area and learn to love to eat it. Eat a vegan diet. Do not depend on the animal kingdom to sustain you. Agribusiness is not sustainable for the earth and if have your own livestock/animals you must enslave them and destroy them to live from them. Thou shalt not kill anything that breathes the breath of life is a perspective that can bring back balance to the earth and compassion to the hearts of the people.


Think small, green and simple...not primitive...but simple. People used to have small homes and some land. Now we have large homes and almost no land. This is not necessarily an issue of too many people and not enough land. If we wanted to change that equation we could. When you live simply and spend more time outdoors every day you don't spend 6 hours a day in front of a TV, and you don't need to spend 2 hours a day cleaning a big house, etc. Simplicity is about where you live and how you live.

personal needs

We are learning how to make our own clothing. We still buy clothes and toilet paper and soap, etc. Ideally a community can produce these things themselves or barter with others for things they do not produce. The important piece is simplicity. What are your personal needs? What do you really need? Wants are good too. Enjoying life is very important. It gets confusing when the wants outweigh the needs. It is fun to buy things and do things for the fun of it. When the person is in balance and doesn't need things to fill the emptiness inside, then the wants don't outweigh the needs.