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Oahspe Foundation

The Oahspe Foundation has been a non profit 501(c)3 religious corporation in Oregon since 1973. The Oahspe Foundation owns  Eloin Forest. The membership of the Order of the Trees are the officers and members of the Oahspe Foundation.

Our Mission Statement

The corporation is constituted: To facilitate the distribution of information as to the beliefs and principles of THE OAHSPE FOUNDATION, to furnish means for a unity of purpose and action in the practice of said beliefs, and practices of that faith, and to promote the activities of a religious, benevolent and educational organization by practicing religious and humanitarian services. This may include camps, schools and communities as living examples of self-sufficiency, and ecological living, while contributing to the preservation of nature and the wilderness, and promoting healthy lifestyles, self-sufficiency, spiritual growth and world peace.

Our covenants

* Love and worship the Creator above all else

* Love your neighbor as yourself

* Know Thy Self

* Live a life of service and voluntary simplicity, close to nature and as self-sufficient as possible

* Affiliate in spiritual community

* Do not aid or abet war in any way

* Develop your soul by living a pure life in the following ways:


-Abstain from intoxicating drink, drugs, and tobacco

-Live as a celibate or a married householder

-Strengthen yourself through discipline, service, study, pray/ contemplation/ meditation, and embracing the goodness of all life.

* No buying or selling amongst members

* All members hold all goods in common except personal belongings and funds for person needs

* Gather together daily to commune with the angels and the Creator.

Our view of the spiritual realms

"What quantum calculations show is that we and our universe live and breathe in what amounts to a sea of motion,

a quantum sea of light" The Field by Lynne McTaggart

The Creator is within and without all form, as the Cosmic Ocean of Being.  The Creator is infinite and intimate in its relationship to life.