Suggested reading.

The Oahspe

The Oahpse was written in 1882. It is a channeled writing about life in the heavens and our relationship to the spiritual worlds around us and angels who live there. We are publishing a new commentary overview of the concepts of the Oahspe.

Eoih's Voice in the Wind

An overview of the wisdom of Oahpse with commentary and quotes from the doctrinal books of Oahpse.  265 pages, paperback and hardbound. Visit our store for more information.


The Essenes

The Essene traditions have been passed on to us by ordination through Prof. Edmond B. Szekely. There are several sites with information about these writings. We are not affiliated with any at this time. This site is one that offers Prof. Szekely's books.


The Foundation of Science and Philosophy

We recommend the writings of Dr. Walter and Lao Russell of the University of Science and Philosophy.  Dr. Russel went through an enlightenment in the early 1900's and produced many wonderful books about the workings of the Life.


communicating with nature

The awareness of the nature spirits and elemental intelligence that helps to keep nature in balance is an important aspect of our lives at Eloin. Here are links to organizations who we recommend and


The Greater Community Spirituality 

This literature deals with the possibility of beings from other worlds coming to earth. Are they allies or not?


Words of peace

Prem Rawat is an inspired man who travels the world bringing people to the divine within. His lectures are available without charge at


There are dozens of books we could recommend and dozens that you could recommend. If you have a suggestion for uplifting and inspiring books or DVD's, please let us know and we will list them here.