Our Mission

The Order of the Trees lives inside the Eloin Wilderness Preserve.  We are a non profit 501(C)3 corporation in Oregon called the Oahspe Foundation.

One of the main missions of the foundation is to create spiritual communities in nature and in the wilderness. These communities are dedicated to living vegetarian, spiritual and ecological lifestyles.

We started as a dream in 1973.  A dream of living a real life in the heart of nature.  Living by creating our reality in concert with the Divine Presence in all things.   We knew we had to learn to listen to the wind and the water and the land and our hearts.   We wanted to live without the domination of greed and fear.   We knew that we had to remove it from our own hearts first.

We have learned much and we have much to learn.  We are still growing and changing and learning about what that dream really.

                Learning to live in harmony with the earth and each other.  

We are a model of possibility in a world that needs all the positive alternatives it can find. 

We are a place to learn what it means to be who you really are and to see life as it really is. 

When we began the land was wilderness with springs and a river that runs through. We built from scratch, learned how to live in the wilderness, in harmony with the creatures and all the living systems. By 1980, most of the buildings were completed and our community was growing.

Over the years we have grown and shrunk and grown and shrunk.... as communities do. In a sense we are always growing, for many wonderful people have shared time at Eloin and given of themselves to make Eloin what it is.... A beautiful place in the middle of an incredible wilderness area in the middle of the national forest.

We are growing ourselves again. We have expanded our concepts of who we are to include equines... horses and donkeys. Our ability to produce our own food has expanded and we are now blessed with families and children.  We are open to new members. We are always open to visitors and volunteers as well. We also have an internship programs. For more information click here.

We are working on developing a botanical trail that winds through Eloin forest and the adjoining public land.