Here are some common questions and answers.  If you have another question, please email us or leave a comment.

How far from are you from the nearest town?
A-   1 hours drive

Can you pick me up in town?
A: Yes for a fee of $20 -$40 each way.  It takes an hour to get to you and another hour to get home, plus mileage costs.

Can I visit town during my stay at Eloin?
If you have your own car than you are free to come and go.  If you want to really get a sense of Eloin we recommend that you visit town before you come to Eloin or after you leave.

What kind of clothing and miscellaneous things will I need?

  • Work cloths are the main type of clothing you will be wearing.  Wear cloths you are not afraid to get dirty. 
  • Bring a hat to protect your head, work gloves, sturdy boots, slippers for relaxing time, casual cloths for non working times.  
  • Bring at least two sets of clothing.  We do get dirty when we work.  
  • We do not have a lot of insects.  If you are very sensitive you can try wearing a repellent.  
  • Bring a water bottle for refilling at the spring.
  • Bring a camera.  It is really beautiful here
  • A pocket knife.
  • A bandanna.
  • We have shampoo and soap.

Will we have to do hard physical work?
That is up to you.  If you have the ability to help with the heavy projects, great.  If you can't do heavy work, then we can find you many other things for you to do.  There is almost no end to things to do here and physical work is our main activity.

How many hours a day do you expect me to work?
We get up between 6 and 8am and go the sleep about 10ish.  We work when we can and we rest when we need to.  We take a break from chores when we can and hike or play board games or read or rest.  If you have the energy and ability to work, than work.  If you need to rest, then rest. If you are not in good physical condition than you need to let us know and we can talk further about whether or not Eloin in the place for you.

We often ask people who are coming if they are running away from something  or are you running to something that you think is better than were you are now?  Are you coming to Eloin to hide out?  Are you expecting the end of the world?  Yes any of thing could happen, but why are you coming?  The best communitarian is one who comes because they really like the way we are living and they want to help make it happen.

Here is one of our basic perspectives:  We are all here to learn about life and to grow our soul.  In the growth of the soul the two greatest obstacles are the ego when it is lost in self importance and the ego when it is lost in self pity.  These two obstacles are two sides of the same coin.  Our path is to walk the narrow line between self importance and self pity.