Summer Has Been Good

We have been really busy with summer work, especially the gardens and the greenhouse. We are learning more and more about growing food and relating to the plant kingdom.

We make our own soil for the greenhouse beds from horse manure, ashes, red worms, old hay and compost. It takes about 3-6 months, depending on the season, to have the soil ready to use. It is such a delight to lift up the tarp and find beautiful soil, organic and rich with nutrients.

Mr. Vole has been our challenge for many years and this year we decided to line the beds with wire mess. Good bye Mr. Vole! It really works and it is the only thing we have found that really works. What a difference it makes to our crops.

Our lemon cucumbers reached the ceiling of the greenhouse with 10 plants in a 10 X 4 raised bed. We tied them up as they grew and they are still putting out lots of cucumbers. The bees and bugs love all the blossoms. When you walk in the greenhouse you hear a symphony of buzzing.

We created a 'squash teepee' for our winter squash plants. It is about 15 feet wide and 15 feet high. By August it was 3/4 filled with hanging squash plants. All the bees a buzz'in in and out.  The equines didn't touch any of it because they don't like the squash. We harvested most of the squash and several are still growing in the teepee. Next year we are going to add a bean teepee... and hope the equines don't like beans.